Task2 - Technology >> Fully Automated Vehicles

"Fully Automated Vehicles"

With advancing technology, the development of automated vehicles is becoming a reality. In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of self-driving vehicles?

The advancement of technology has brought many important innovations to mankind. One example is the mass utilization of the motor vehicle in the twentieth century which transformed our way of life. Cars have been refined into modern day vehicles that are comfortable, fast, safe and fuel efficient. Further to this, the next generation of motor vehicles has the potential to be fully automated. That is, these cars may not need to be manually driven. However, many people believe that this technological improvement is unrealistic and not without downsides.

The biggest drawback related to self-driven vehicles is that of safety. If these cars do become a reality, how can we then guarantee the safety of the driver and passengers? The complete automation of a vehicle involves giving the control of that vehicle to a machine and a computer. Would you put your life in the hands of a computer programmer and an engineer? How would an automated vehicle deal with emergencies such as accidents or natural disasters? For example, what would happen if the road suddenly became flooded? Would the vehicle be able to effectively respond to such problems?

However, advocates of the self-driven vehicle believe that these cars could actually be safer. With a computer completely in control, many dangerous driving practices could be eliminated. For example, drunk driving and speeding result in many fatalities on our roads. A car that is fully automated would never be affected by alcohol and could never surpass the recommended speed limit.

In conclusion, it is my belief that the automated motor car will not become a reality for some time yet. This is because any potential safety problems will need to be dealt with before we can safely let our cars drive us to work.