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"Televisions & Families"

In some families, there is more than one television in the home with each family member even having their own TV. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having more than one TV set at home.

Television has been a popular means of entertainment for a long time. Today, it is easy to see more than one in the house, or even one for each family member. This represents a significant shift in people's lifestyles. It is my belief that families who possess many TV's will suffer from adverse impacts.

On the other hand, allowing for people's own entertainment could trigger some serious issues. A sense of family belonging could be lost over time because family members will want to access differing types of TV entertainment. Members of the family will spend less time together which could encourage children to behave badly because of the lack of parental control over TV content. One particularly good example of this is young people admitting that watching lots of violent films is the reason why they fight and want to be violent towards others. Another disadvantage of having more than one TV set per home is utilities. The more televisions there are in each home, the more electricity and service bills we have to pay. This can have an adverse impact on our finances.

Having said that, we cannot ignore the benefits of having more than one television in the family home. Providing a television for each family member not only helps satisfy their personal needs but also resolves conflicts that stem from people's entertainment preferences. Father, for example, is interested in watching sports, while mother is keen on watching fashion shows and romantic movies. In this case, buying one more television is the best solution: mother can enjoy romantic movies while father may have fun with the football Thus, adding one more TV set to a house may help to preserve family peace.

By way of conclusion, it is true that the drawbacks of having more than one television in a house outweigh the benefits. I believe that having more than one television in a family has had a negative impact on modern life because of its influence on children's behavior and the money that must be spent on services.

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Your summary is a good review of the main points. These main points are well developed in your essay. Some good synonymous language: popular, benefits, satisfy, best