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"Internet versus Mobile Telephones"

The internet is a more useful form of communications technology than the mobile telephone.

What is your opinion?

The internet has changed our world significantly. Similarly, mobile telephones have facilitated dramatic developments in the way we communicate. While some people believe that mobile phones provide for the ultimate in communications technology, others contend that the internet is a more useful tool for communicating.

Cell phones have revolutionized human interaction simply because they are mobile. This technology enables the user to contact anyone, anywhere at anytime. Perhaps the best example of the benefits of this mobility would be a crisis situation. Imagine you are enjoying a holiday with friends in a remote location, and there is a serious accident. A cell phone allows you to contact an ambulance and connect with a doctor which could mean the difference between life and death.

However, the internet facilitates a different kind of communication which also has its advantages. The world wide web is mainly used to send and file audio, visual and textual information. The comparative benefit of the internet is the vast quantity of information that is available to the user. This information is instantaneously accessible at the click of a mouse and can be used to aid business, education or general knowledge. Further to this, the internet provides unlimited storage space for users to file and access data.

Having said that, the mobile telephone is quickly becoming more advantageous than surfing the web via a computer. These days, all the benefits of the internet are being provided on mobile telephones through cutting-edge technology. Developments in WI FI availability and the latest innovation in mobile telephones enable internet access. This means that using a computer is quickly becoming unnecessary when a cell phone provides the same functions.

In my opinion, the mobile telephone will continue to revolutionize communications technology. Computer access to the internet through land lines is quickly becoming unnecessary when a cell phone can provide the same functions via WI FI.

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