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"Mobile Telephones in Public Places"


Mobile phones should be banned from public places.

What is your opinion?

In the modern world, a mobile telephone is an essential communication tool. Cell phones enable us to connect with every individual anywhere in the world. There is some contention on what constitutes appropriate usage of mobile phones. While some people feel that anyone should be permitted to use a mobile phone anywhere, others think that mobiles should not be permitted in public spaces.

There are two main reasons why the usage of mobile phones should not be restricted. Firstly, by definition a mobile has mobility. It is designed as a communicative tool that can easily be carried from place to place. Therefore, to ban the use of mobile phones in public places defeats the purpose of a cell phone. Secondly, being connected to the world twenty four hours seven days a week is essential in today's life. We need to be continuously updated on the latest news and information to be able to operate effectively in today's world.

However, there is one strong argument against the usage of mobile phones in public. Being exposed to the conversations of others in a public place is off putting. For example, if someone is speaking loudly on a mobile in a confined public area such as a bus, it could be very disruptive for the other passengers. It is true that people need to be more considerate of others when using their cell phones in public.

To conclude, in my opinion the mobile phone is a necessary tool for modern living. If people are considerate of others when making use of their phones in public places, we can all enjoy the benefits of mobile communications.

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