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"Modern Lifestyles & Technology/ Mai, Do, Bach/ Rob McCaul"

Modern lifestyles have not only impacted on our health and but are also having a negative effect on the environment. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

After the war, the majority of Vietnamese residents were farmers and agriculture was the main economic field. However, over the last few years, industrialization and the development of technology have contributed to changing the way people live. That, in turn, has brought about some impacts on the pace of life, which has become faster, and has a reduced face - to - face communication. In addition, it has had a detrimental effect on the environment.

Firstly, it seems obvious to me that people who have to rush all of the time tend to experience a lot of stress. Moreover, being under pressure due to financial and work related problems leads to not only poor physical health, but also psychological illnesses. What is more, busy people tend to eat fast food, instead of cooking healthy meals. As a result, the number of people associated with being overweight has increased dramatically.

Secondly, the progress of technology such as mobile phones and the Internet has resulted in people communicating by non - visual means much more often. They prefer talking through social media such as Facebook or Twitter to having meetings. The reduction of interaction with others also makes people lose their speaking skills and abilities of co - ordination.

I also strongly believe that industrialization is affecting the environment negatively. Chopping down trees for building and burning fossil fuels for electricity are contributing to the increase in global warming. It will eventually lead to the extinction of various species and rising of sea levels. (245 words)

Mai Do Bach

Comment from ITP

The development of your ideas in the second paragraph is very good, however, the question centers around the impacts on the environment not stress and pressure. More discussion on environmental consequences would improve your essay. Some great cause/effect language: "impacted on", "contributed to", "brought about", "impacts", "detrimental effect on", "due to", "leads to", "as a result", "associated with", "resulted in", "makes (informal", "affecting"