Task2 - Technology >> Piracy-Nghia, Tu, Vy/ teacher Sam

"Piracy-Nghia, Tu, Vy/ teacher Sam"

Topic: Piracy harms the music and movie industries. Do you believe that more should be done to stop illegal downloads?

It is clear that entertainment is playing an important role in people's lives nowadays. However, some people's illegal behaviors such as piracy are seriously damaging the music and movie industries. As a result, piracy is a controversial issue that people are concerned about these days.

Beside many benefits that piracy brings to people such as free downloading or copying content, it also creates some problems for manufacturers. First and of most importance is the producers can lose a vast amount of profits because users tend to purchase free or cheaper goods. By this way, artists, who are key parts in the music and movie industries, are not able to earn money from their work. Furthermore, piracy is kind of stealing behaviors so producers lose not only property but also lose their ideas. The music and movie industries may be faded out by these impacts.

For those reasons above, piracy should be stopped to protect the entertainment industry. Responsibility does not just belong to the government, but it belongs to everyone who wants to see the existence of an entertainment industry in the future. First of all, governments ought to establish a fine for organizations that commit plagiarism. In addition, the producers should be more careful when introducing their products to the internet. Finally, people need to be aware of preventing illegal actions on entertainment.

In conclusion, people generally tend to make their lives easier, happier and more convenient. However, despite its benefits, the drawbacks of piracy still outweigh the positives. Authorities should legislate for this notion in by watching over the personal consumer and manufactures also.

Comment from ITP

This is a good academic topic for Vietnamese students although it may be difficult to set a moral compass on this in Asia. Highly controversial.