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"Technology & Workplaces Past & Present"

Many people believe that the technological developments of the last 200 years have improved people's working lives. Others think that these developments have had a negative impact on employment.

Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

The advancement of technology over the previous 200 years has affected all aspects of our lives. Perhaps the area where technological progress has had the greatest effect is in the workplace. While some people believe that the effect of technology on our working lives has been mostly advantageous, others feel that workplace technologies do bring some downsides.

Technology has been developing relentlessly over the last two centuries. The industrial age began in the nineteenth century while the computer age dominated the twentieth century. As a consequence, our working lives have changed significantly. The benefits of these changes can be seen all around us. Jobs that involve heavy lifting or dangerous practices are now completed by machines. Moreover, technology has allowed us to work more intelligently. For example, computers have allowed us to create extensive data bases which help us to be more effective and productive when working.

While the positive influence of technology on our working lives cannot be denied, there are two serious drawbacks. Firstly, a mechanized workplace encourages a sedentary lifestyle. It is true that the majority of workers today are working in positions that do not require any physical effort. Consequently, today's employees are lacking the physical activity that was necessary for many of the jobs of the past century. The second downside to technology in the workplace is the replacement of workers by machines. Computers and robots are now substitutes for real people which ultimately results in unemployment.

It is my belief that technology has benefited the workplace substantially, but we must be careful with its implementation. There needs to be consideration given to the impacts of technology on employment, and people should compensate for their sedentary workplaces by engaging in some kind of exercise program. If we can utilize technology in the workplace with some consideration of the potential negative impacts, we will continue to enhance our places of work.