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"Robotics Past, Present & Future"

Robots will take over the world.

Do you agree?

Robots are now a part of the modern world. We can find them in factories, in shopping centers and even in our homes. While some people believe that robots are taking control of our planet, others feel that robots will never be able to match human intelligence.

The industrial age has also been referred as the age of mechanization. In fact, the history of robotics is short as fully automated robots only began to appear in the second half of the twentieth century. Since the 1950's, the innovation and application of robots has occurred at an increasing pace. Today, robots are essential to the manufacturing industry where these machines have replaced many human workers. Robots have now been engineered to perform a variety of functions, and many of these capabilities replicate the abilities of human beings. These days, just like people, robots can move and robots can talk.

However, some people fear that this artificial intelligence will one day take over our societies. We may be headed towards a future where robots rule the earth and we become their slaves. If electronic engineers continue to develop the modern day robot, we may find that the robots of the future are far superior to the human race.

In my opinion, while robots have many useful functions, they also could be dangerous. We need to closely monitor the developments made in the field of robotics by electronic engineers, as one day the slave could become the master.