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"Technology & Relationships"

Technology has altered the ways that people engage with each other. How has technology impacted on the kinds of relationships that people have? Has technology affected relationships in a positive or negative way?

In the modern world, we have a variety of technologies that are designed to aid our communication. Developments in communications technologies have facilitated new kinds of relationships between individuals. While there are many advantages to the types of interaction that technology allows, there is also a downside.

Technologies such as mobile telephones and the internet have allowed people to become connected around the world. For example, a businessman in a remote location can, at the press of a button on his cell phone, access any individual in almost every part of the world. In addition, the latest mobile technology facilitates internet usage which gives business people access to the latest information on world markets. This information has changed the way commerce is conducted, and it has enabled better and more efficient business relationships.

However, interactions via technology do have some drawbacks. One popular means of online communication involves blogging or engaging in chat room conversations. However, it is important to remember that friendships created through the internet are different from friendships that are developed in real life. In fact, it is impossible to really be friends without actual human contact. For instance, a person that you have only interacted with through a blog cannot be completely trusted because you have not actually met the individual in real life. A face to face meeting would give you the opportunity to properly evaluate the individual's character. In many ways relationships facilitated through technologies involve virtual friendships which cannot be considered as friendships in reality.

In conclusion, there is a significant difference between friends made in the real world and the relationships that are established in the virtual world of technology. While there are many advantages for businesspeople when using communications technologies, those wanting to develop real friendships should be careful with the people they meet through technological devices.

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