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"Computer Domination"

Computer Dependency

Computers! It is debatable whether computers are one of the greatest or worst inventions of mankind. The computer was first created to solve simple tasks but through time it raises more issues than it solves.

There has been many films featuring how computers could become sentinel and could start to eliminate humans from the face of the earth. It may not be as far fetched as it may seem. Everything is being computerized and digitalized, even money such as bitcoins. Computers dominate our lives, they can do complex tasks automatically, efficiently and accurately. Even more than that, the world's economy would lose trillions of dollars every second if all computers were removed from our hands.

As we become more and more dependent in computers, so do our risks. One of them is black outs. In 2003, the entire city of Manhattan suffered a cascading black out, leaving more than 50 million people without power. It crippled trading, stock markets and thousands of gigabytes of information were lost. A total of 10 billion dollars worth of damage was done because the computers were off.

Those potential problems are only the tip of the iceberg. Needless to say, our world depends greatly on computers. The risks are high, of course, but they are worth it as long as we are prepared.

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