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Swing 結婚祝い Sation 完売 Series

Swing Sation Series


Swing Sation Series



This title is part of the aggressively priced, ongoing Priceless Jazz series featuring great artists, eye-catching graphics and informative liner notes. Tracks here include "Honeysuckle Rose," "One O'Clock Jump," "Time Out," "Topsy," "Swingin' the Blues," "Blue And Sentimental," "Texas Shuffle," "Swinging at the Daisy Chain," "Roseland Shuffle," "Boogie Woogie (I May Be Wrong)," "Jive at Five," "Oh, Lady Be Good" and more. [Note: This product is an authorized CD-R and is manufactured on demand].


Anyone who is interested in the evolution of the Count Basie band should be sure to hear these 18 tracks. In the period covered, from 1937 to 1939, one can hear first the band as it was when it came out of Kansas City. It expanded and progressed as Harry Edison and Dicky Wells came in until, by the time of the final tracks the roughness had been smoothed away. It's interesting to note that it was only in the middle of this period that Basie finally began to unload the sidemen who couldn't read music. But throughout the whole period Lester Young was creating wondrous tenor solos and Walter Page, Freddie Green and Jo Jones had established with Basie the "All American rhythm section" that was to set the pace in jazz for the next 30 or 40 years. Chu Berry joined the band for the last two tracks and he played a torrential solo at the beginning of "Lady Be Good". Inspired by the new opposition, Lester Young came leaping back with a fiery response. A trombone choir heralds the arrival of Dicky Wells for his solo. --Steve Voce

Swing Sation Series


「天下一品」から4種のスエット 鳴見なるらクリエイターとコラボ

「生理痛」「冷え性」など女性の不調の理解を深めるゲームが登場 上司やパートナーの立場からも考えるように

「カラー」や「ビューティフルピープル」がミッキーとコラボ 渋谷パルコがミッキーマウスの誕生日を記念したコレクション

トム・フォードが17年ぶりの書籍 飲酒&ドラッグから子育てと変わった生活と変わらないクリエイションを語る

RENRUIRUI- 乾式消去ホワイトボード片面ハンギングライティングボード90X120CMアルミ合金フレーム磁気プレゼンテーションホワイトボード

「THREE」の2022年春コレクションは春の風を感じる新色をラインアップ クリーム&パウダーの新チークも登場


「プーマ」 × 「メゾン キツネ」コラボ第2弾 キツネ刺しゅう入りの“プーマ スエード”やダブルロゴのフーディーなど

「ロキシー」が「シンシア ローリー」とコラボ ビビッドな柄×機能性のアクティブウエア


ヨンアが「ほぼ毎日」店頭に立つワケ 自身のブランド「コエル」が初の路面店

「天下一品」から4種のスエット 鳴見なるらクリエイターとコラボ

「トミー ヒルフィガー」 × 「ティンバーランド」第2弾はさらにサステナブルに進化


「生理痛」「冷え性」など女性の不調の理解を深めるゲームが登場 上司やパートナーの立場からも考えるように