About IELTS Test Prep

IELTS Test Prep provides academic writing and speaking development services. These services develop skills for candidates undertaking academic English examinations such as IELTS.

The main feature of the ITP site is the model essay library. Here, ITP members can access hundreds of model essays. These essays are written by linguistics professors, post graduate lecturers and students on a range of academic topics.
ITP members can post their own essays and receive feedback from IELTS examination specialists.

Members of ITP can develop their general knowledge of the common themes covered in academic English examinations, particularly, the IELTS type topics of education, health, environment, lifestyle, infrastructure, technology, gender and ethical issues. Members can improve their understanding of argumentative essay structure, develop critical thinking skills and enhance their grammar and vocabulary.

In addition, ITP provides opportunities for reading skills development. Members can access hundreds of model essays set within prescriptive argumentative essay structures.
General topic awareness is enhanced along with the important academic reading skills of skimming and scanning. Members will find the reduced argumentative structure is conducive to the development of speed reading skills.

ITP also offers members an intensive IELTS test preparation program of study for writing development.

ITP will develop your writing and reading skills in preparation for the IELTS academic examination. The IELTS examination specialists at ITP look forward to working with you.