Ngo Huong Giang


I'm Giang, 21, from the School of Business, Eastern International University (EIU), Vietnam. I sat the IELTS exam a year ago at the British Council, HCMC, following an intensive ten-week preparatory course at my university's English Centre.

It had been a year since my English study was suspended for some reasons by the time I returned to it. I truly struggled with the first few weeks' lessons and practice tests. Challenges confronting me were primarily to do with forgotten vocabulary and test skills as well as my poor lexical resources in some unfamiliar topics. They negatively affected my writing. My nerves were really on edge at the time since my IELTS target band 7.0 at the first attempt appeared to be mission impossible.

Fortunately, these issues were addressed in the weeks that followed. The systematic design of the course assisted me to recall the vocabulary and test skills that I had lost. I was also able to obtain a further significant amount of vocabulary in various topics that I'd accessed in class. My confidence started to revive; and by the time I went to British Council to do my test, I was perfectly ready for it. The overall 7.5 that I received two weeks later really took me over the moon.

Recently I heard of ITP from a teacher of mine who spoke of it as a very good pool of resources for students to develop their reading and especially writing skills. This caught my attention and I decided to visit the site for a while. What I could conclude afterwards was "Yes!" ITP is designed to give you, both first-time and repeat IELTS takers, access to a wide range of writings of multiple topics which you may want to read and learn the language features that you lack. My recommendation is, while you're reading, pay attention to the writer's choices of words, grammatical points as well as how they structure their work. This way, your reading and writing will soon improve.

Good luck and have fun in your English study. May your IELTS journey be full of passion and enjoyment every day.
Ngo Huong Giang,