Thi Nhu An Nguyen

My name is Thi Nhu An Nguyen. I graduated in International Business and I'm teaching at an international university in Vietnam. An IELTS 7.0 in each skill was one of the requirements for a qualified lecturer at the university where I'm working, which was the reason why I took the test.

A couple of years ago, I scored 7.0 after several months studying on my own from published IELTS materials. Despite an overall band of 7.0, my writing was just 6.0. The problem was that I couldn't access many high-scored examples. In addition, I didn't have any IELTS professionals to correct my writing pieces. However, these two difficulties were not my worry the next time I took the test thanks to IELTS Test Prep. After three months studying with ITP, I scored an overall band of 7.5 and my writing improved from 6.0 to 7.0!

Personally I think IELTS Test Prep is a brilliant choice for IELTS candidates. There are abundant writing examples online. Writing correction is also available on request. Moreover, the grade given by ITP can reflect the score that we may get in a real exam so that we know how much effort we need to make to achieve our desired band. What's more, studying online is definitely more convenient than going to a class!

I attributed my satisfactory result to both my attempts and ITP's help. You can also get the score you want in IELTS writing with IELTS Test Prep!